How Psychic Direct Messaging Answers Works

How it works & how to claim your FREE 3 message reading

A ‘Psychic Direct Messaging Answers’ reading is quick and easy to set up

Register today, you will be given 3 FREE Psychic Direct Messaging Answer replies

Choose from one of the live on site gifted psychics or if not available go to Psychics Co-Operative for you live Psychic answers

On account creation you will be automatically be allocated 3 FREE CREDITS

A question costs 1 credit so you will get 3 FREE credits

Credited messages are debited when you ask a question

It’s very simple and easy to use.

The 3 Free replies will let you experience the Psychic Direct Messaging Answers live.

You can then ask more questions whenever you choose.

(**Please note only 1 offer of 3 free credits per person. Abuse will result in a ban on using the web site)

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Psychic Direct Messaging Answers

What To Do

1. Go to ‘Chat’ page – choose either the live on site Psychic or
Choose a Psychic at Psychics Co-Operative (out of normal hours)

2 Use any device to connect – Cell/Mobile Phone – Tablet – Pc

3 You will arrive at page showing live Psychic Readers

3. Choose your Psychic Reader

4. You will be asked to create an account – Signup – 30 seconds to complete

5. You will now see an ‘Account Created’ box. Proceed as directed.

6. You will automatically receive 3 Free credits. You can buy further credits at any time – rates are clearly shown on the page

7. After credits are purchased you can immediately ask your questions. No waiting.

8. Type your message then click ‘Send’

9. Easily top up your credits using PayPal or Credit Card.

10. You remain in control at all times. Balance of credits available are clearly shown.

Psychic Direct Messaging Answers